Guanhua Glory AV System Integration Co.,Ltd.(abbr.as GHG hereinafter) was founded in 1997 and is committed in providing quality services to  broadcasting and television industry in China.After years of accumulation and growth,GHG has gradually developed into one of the major system integrators in the field of professional video and audio technology of the industry by providing a series of vertical integrated services, including system design,developed design, technical consulting,professional system and equipments procurement,import and export, cabling and installation,commissioning, testing,training,professional reparation and maintenance,on-site technical support, upgrades,application software development, global professional branded products authorized distribution,and etc.

Our system projects mainly cover television studio,master control and broadcasting. OB-Van,production and packaging network, audio production network,post-production system related to SONY.products,storage system,and etc.Currently, GHG's registered capital is 72.4 million  MB.Consisting with the departments of sales and marketing, maintenance centre,system projects solutions,system integration,operation,and finance,the company now has almost 200 employees(including sub-companies),among them,there are 85 people have bachelor degree or above,14 people of senior technical staff,70 engineers of system integration projects, and 20 technicians of professional after-sales services team. GHG leads two wholly owned subsidiaries: Guanhua Glory Technology Co.,Ltd. and Guanhua Glory AV System Integration Hong Kong Co.,Ltd,and keeps long-term relationship and cooperation with dozens of international and domestic well-known manufacturers.

Through equity cooperation in year 2007, Sony China Ltd.and GHG became much more closely linked after being in the same boat for years.Especially in the system integration projects,together with Sony, we provide the powerfully combined and quality services to the customers of broadcasting and television industry.

In year 2012,Beijing Jetsen Technology Co.,Ltd.invested into GHG,providing broader platform for GHG in promoting the application of broadcasting and television traditional video and audio professional technologies and new media technology into other industries.

Taking ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environment management system as the standard of system integration projects' implementation management,GHG completes more than one hundred contracts including twenty of large scale integration projects per year.Our main customers are central or provincial broadcasting and television stations. Since year 2008, GHG started to pay attention on and work with partner companies to provide finance leasing business to solve our customer's funds difficulties in technology development and reconstruction.

The greatest wealth of GHG is a professional and dedicated quality team of engineers.In every project we undertake,their excellent performances win valuable honor for the company.Their excellences are not only gaining reputation within the country, but also receive universal praises for their remarkable performance in the overseas projects.Our reparation centre provides national wide professional system and equipments' reparation and maintenance,including on-site service,technical support in planning the maintenance management project and quoting the budget.

Adhering to"Abide by honor,Operate by faith",Guanhua people will persist the concept of "win-win with our customers, win-win with our partners,win-win with our staff'to continuously polymerize the elite forces and integrate the industry resources, to proceed the leadership in the fields of

broadcasting and television digital network new media system integration solutions.